Thank you for the days, Jimmy

Jimmy Armfield died last Monday.Cancer did it, as it will for many of us. Born in Denton, Manchester, he was evacuated to Blackpool at the start of WW2, lived in one room in a guest house with his mam and his siblings, and later became a Blackpool footballer. An attacking full back, he played withContinue reading “Thank you for the days, Jimmy”

Goodbye England

Tonight England went out of this year’s World Cup, and that’s sad for me and many Anglophiles around the globe.But regardless of their defeat by Uruguay my heart goes out to the 47 million Spaniards whose team was eliminated yesterday.Spain, the World champions were eliminated after losing twice in the final preliminaries.  So tonight IContinue reading “Goodbye England”

England v Italy 2014

Dear Jonathan and AliceWhat shall I wear for the England v Italy match?And what will you wear?Me, probably an England white shirt with a straw hat.Chili pork pies are in the fridgeAnd Tiger lager tooAs well as several gallons of semi skimmed milk.It’s been an exciting World Cup so far, with the home team Brazil luckyContinue reading “England v Italy 2014”

they think it’s all over…

Ross Barkley – England’s man of the tournament? If England make headway in the World Cup, Ross Barkley could well become the star of the show.Undoubtedly he has more talent in his boots than anyone in Brazil bar Pele, as anyone who saw him grace the ranks of Sheffield Wednesday, when he was on loan fromContinue reading “they think it’s all over…”