That’s Yer Allotment!

Ex England manager Graham Taylor today died of a heart attack.That “intellectual” rag, (THE SUN) “newspaper” published a hatchet job on England manager Graham Taylor in November 1993. It wasn’t the first time Rupert Murdoch’s cancerous business had played fast and loose with truth in football. In 1989, following the tragic Hillsborough disaster it ran a frontContinue reading “That’s Yer Allotment!”

Did Freddie Starr eat His hamster?

John Sentamu, the Ugandan born Bishop of York, yesterday began a weekly column in the Sun on Sunday’s inaugural issue. His message was laudable; he criticised the government for launching a scheme which offers the unemployed an unpaid period of work, during which hopeful volunteers have an opportunity to  impress the employer sufficiently to be offered a realContinue reading “Did Freddie Starr eat His hamster?”