Isn’t the Queen a peach?

My dear Jonathan and Alice    Was it quiet in Manhattan last weekend? It’s been a wonderfully long weekend in the UK as we all celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, and judging by the number of Americans at the event it must have been quiet where you are. You will have seen highlights of the event I’mContinue reading “Isn’t the Queen a peach?”

God Save Our Giggling Queen

 Our giggling Queen inspects her husband Dear Jonathan and Alice Yesterday my wife received a first class letter  from Buckingham Palace . It wasn’t the first time that SW1 had replied to a letter Lynne had written, for she’d sent the Queen’s  mother a letter in the late 1990’s to say that Aunty Lizzie was very poorlyContinue reading “God Save Our Giggling Queen”

Queen of Accington

Letter to Jonathan in Manhattan:Today we stood outside Accrington Town Hall with thousands of others  and waited for the Queen Elizabeth II to arrive. While we were waiting we made friends with a retired nursing sister – and a nurse a generation her junior, a girl at 11+ age, and others from as far afield as Blackpool, KewContinue reading “Queen of Accington”