Paella is on heaven’s menu tonight

 Sue! – Paella’s on the menu tonight Dearest SueMany of the senior men in heaven were fishermen.This means they will have learned many years ago how to cook the fruit of the sea. I also cook a mean paella. Do you remember when the summer before last, I cooked it for you, John, and Lynne whichContinue reading “Paella is on heaven’s menu tonight”

Di Natale means Christmas Eve

Hi Jonathan and AliceChristmas Eve came early in Gdańsk, as Italian striker Di Natale put Italy in the lead against champions Spain. I therefore decided to put some sparkle in my paella, and add medium hot red chillies, together with garlic and tomatoes, before adding prawns, paella rice, and even (to the disgust of Iride) a hardContinue reading “Di Natale means Christmas Eve”