We’re all in it together…aren’t we?

Is the sacrifice the same for all?   The team I support, Sheffield Wednesday,  are currently in the relegation zone, and the manager is saying that all of us, players, staff, and supporters have to stick together and fight our way out of the mess. “We’re all in it together” he broadcast yesterday.We’ve lost again onContinue reading “We’re all in it together…aren’t we?”

Go back to school, Osborne jnr

Wouldn’t you say that America can see through Oink, Jonathan & Alice?Son of wallpaper magnate and past  treasurer of the Bollinger swigging club at Oxford, he may not have read Lipsey, and therefore doesn’t know how to deal with a double dip recession.Never mind, Oink.I remember seeing your multi ££££££ residence in Notting Hill during the CarnivalContinue reading “Go back to school, Osborne jnr”