A dead man walking

The Tories are a dead man walking.Apart from laughing at Tory buffoons out of touch with reality, which makes the death throes of the Conservative Party that much more entertaining, we need to embrace the real problems of the UK. Number One is the survival of the NHSWe’re approaching the 70th year of socialised medicineContinue reading “A dead man walking”

Is the NHS in danger?

The future of the NHS is ‘precarious’, warned health watchdog the Care Quality Commission (CQC),  on Oct 10. Its report says the service is ‘straining at the seams’ as the number of people not getting adequate care hits 1.2 million. The CQC begs the question how much do we value socialised medicine? It seems not as much as weContinue reading “Is the NHS in danger?”

The end of physical pain

Wikipedia gives examples of pain like stubbing a toe, burning a finger, putting alcohol on a cut, or bumping the “funny bone“. Those with arthritis know just how awful chronic pain can be.Which is why today, my wife and I celebrate. After a routine X Ray today she’s been given a pre op appointment, which means she’ll get her second new hipContinue reading “The end of physical pain”

What the Tories are doing for Nursing

Disingenuous? Or a good old fashioned porky Pie I was sad to read this post from a nurse It brought tears to my eyes: “Well NHS…. I’m 7 months post qualification and you have broken me. Today, I arrived on duty (after being called in due to low staffing levels) to there being 2 of usContinue reading “What the Tories are doing for Nursing”

What is Britain without the NHS?

The electorate has decided that David Cameron, or at least the Tory party, will lead the country for the next 5 years. A massive majority, albeit only convincing less than a quarter of the electorate to endorse it.My concern is for the future of the NHS. Tories have never been the natural allies of socialised medicine. TheyContinue reading “What is Britain without the NHS?”

Cameron doesn’t cherish the NHS

A week or so ago a friend of my wife’s angrily posted on her Facebook page how long she’d had to queue in the A&E waiting room when she took her son for accident treatment. Since the Tories got in power, your stay in A&E waiting rooms in the NHS has got much longer SheContinue reading “Cameron doesn’t cherish the NHS”