May we become leader?

Unflattering but recognisable cartoon of  stressed vicar’s daughter Theresa May Theresa May made a speech at the Conservative Party conference this week designed to launch her candidacy for the Tory Party leadership.Unfortunately she picked the wrong speech.It was savaged by the Daily Telegraph, for many years an articulate rag of Tory propaganda (if such a beastContinue reading “May we become leader?”

M Thénardier and Oink

Regular readers of this blog will have twigged long ago that I don’t have much time for Oink, George Osborne, son of multimillionaire wallpaper designer Sir Peter Osborne of Osborne and Little. Born with a silver wallpaper paste brush in his hand, Oink learned his economics as treasurer of the Bollinger club, an Oxford UniversityContinue reading “M Thénardier and Oink”

You fibber George Osborne

In introducing legislation to increase benefits by 1% PA for the next three years, Chancellor George Osborne said that benefits for disabled people will be protected. However, It’s now established that Employment Support Allowance is not included in the list of benefits protected, which disabled people in the UK receive.Ah well, Chancellor George…we fully understand thatContinue reading “You fibber George Osborne”