What’s wrong with tossing a coin?

The party’s overSo England are coming home.There are 3 reasons why we lost to Italy:1. We should teach our children to play with a greater accent on ball control. We don’t cultivate our children’s talents, but instead encourage bruisers to kick and rush.2. There are far too many foreigners in the Premiership. We should cutContinue reading “What’s wrong with tossing a coin?”

Di Natale means Christmas Eve

Hi Jonathan and AliceChristmas Eve came early in Gdańsk, as Italian striker Di Natale put Italy in the lead against champions Spain. I therefore decided to put some sparkle in my paella, and add medium hot red chillies, together with garlic and tomatoes, before adding prawns, paella rice, and even (to the disgust of Iride) a hardContinue reading “Di Natale means Christmas Eve”