Can you see a Trump?

Trump’s wife Melania,modelling Brevity  This is not awfully common, but the scriptwriters of Coronation Street have heard about the distress of Donald Trump at his likely exit from the US presidential elections.Granada have therefore offered him an attractive short term contract which satisfies most of his desires. Donald will enter the Street as the newContinue reading “Can you see a Trump?”

Deidre Barlow dies at 60

Anne Kirkbride, the actress who played Deidre Barlow for the last 42 years on Coronation Street has died of cancer, We all know that the character she played on Coronation Street, smoked too much.Maybe it was the reason for Anne’s death.We’ll know tomorrow. She was a hugely popular figure at Granada Studios, in nearby Manchester.AContinue reading “Deidre Barlow dies at 60”

Good night, Hayley. God bless

Hayley and Roy as neighbours saw them at Christmas Hayley Cropper died tonight in the soap Coronation Street.According to both me and St Paul at the very least, Hayley was someone who loved a lot. She was very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude. She didn’t demandContinue reading “Good night, Hayley. God bless”