A Hero’s Welcome

The cartoon drawn by Vancouver artist Pia Guerra touched my heart, and millions of others when she published it on Twitter in the wake of the Florida mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School  last week. She couldn’t sleep the night after the carnage, so she began to draw.        

And at 6 a.m. she drew one of the first victims, Aaron Feis, an football coach and security guard. 
Aaron was shot after throwing himself in front of students. Guerra sketched an out of shape grownup greeted by the innocents. She called the cartoon “A Hero’s Welcome”
To my mind it’s a masterpiece. The out of shape bald headed old man is symbolic of most of us (not Aaron), wanting to protect our children and grandchildren, well meaning, but out of touch.

The children offer a hand of love.
I recognize it.
I’ve seen it with my own children and grandchildren.

Bless you Aaron.
We have to end archaic gun laws.
And when necessary we need to throw ourselves between an aggressor and our loved ones.
I add a song by the incomparable Kinks, with the line “though you’re gone you’re with me every single day believe me”

Bless you all

Published by Rob

Now 70, I'm getting back into website development and brand protection, as well as showcasing the delightful artistic talents of my beautiful wife Lynne. My projection will encompass a lifetime of database marketing, as well as the Christian democratic socialist ideals of my wife and I.

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