George and the Dragons

Hello world

Grandad Armstrong came from t’North by bus to see me
My name is George Edward Statham Armstrong.

I weighed in at 7 lb 9 oz on Thursday July 6, 2017.
My nearest and dearest tell me I’m very special but I can’t get a handle on that.
Seems to me that all babies are special.
The day after I was born a little boy by the name of Bradley Lowery in county Durham, a few miles from where great Granddad Joe Armstrong was born, died of cancer. Life can be very unfair. We may have passed each other on our journeys between Heaven and planet Earth.

Proud Uncle Jonathan 

Hey, look at my Uncle Jonathan holding me. I think he’d like his own child but it’s not happened yet, and until it does he can hold me just as much as he wants. My Uncle returned from a few years working in New York and now lives in London. He whispered that he’ll teach me to be the great cricketer he almost was.

I wonder if I’m a left or a right hander?

Proud Granddad Armstrong

Granddad Armstrong writes with his right hand but bowls and plays tennis with his left hand. You can see him holding me, and looking as proud as Punch.
He and Nanna Lynne have 2 granddaughters, called Verity and Harri(ette), aged 10 and 9 and I think they want to mother me.

Proud Daddy

I’ll let them a little bit, but my real Mummy and Daddy, Emma and Edward, will have first shot.

Daddy and Uncle Jonathan both went to Highgate school in north London, before completing their  studies at Manchester University. Since Grandad has lived close to Manchester for many years he loved their choice of University. I wonder where I’ll go to.
But that’s a long way off.
First I need to go to nursery…and even that’s a long way off

Because of all the excitement of the male Armstrongs, somehow the most important person in my world, my Mummy, didn’t get involved in the photo-shoot!

We Armstrongs can be quite domineering!
Seriously, if you can understand that a one week old boy can be anything else but serious, I’m sure this will be redressed in blogs to come.

But do you think I will always have to wear clothes from Asda? XXX

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