Arsene Wenger is great

Some supporters got it wrong  

This week the Telegraph and the Mail, two newspapers of dubious credibility reported that 78% of Arsenal fans want Arsene Wenger to leave the club.
In fact only half of the 1,000 strong Arsenal Supporters Trust bothered to answer, and the AST is not representative of all Arsenal fans, which puts a very different spin on the report.
As a statistician I conclude this 78% projection is poppycock!
I’m no Arsenal fan ( a Wednesday fan) but I see in Arsene Wenger a giant of a manager, who while my team has dropped two divisions from the Premiership, and only this year are in with a chance of returning to the “promised land”, has kept his team at the very top of English football.

Yes, Arsenal lost heavily to Bayern Munich,
The Germans are probably the best team in Europe.
I was at the Etihad stadium in Manchester last year and saw them thrash Manchester City.
The have the ability to run rings round most teams, most of the time.

But hey ho, it doesn’t mean the Arsenal manager should be sacked.

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