Who put the bop in the bop de bop de bop?

Was it Donald Trump who put the ram in the ram a lam a ding dong?

My word!
The thought nauseates.

Given his track record he probably would have liked to have done, and Trump recently seduced UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

As an obedient mistress she invited him to a state visit in the UK.

This is a perk of being PM of a small nation.
So why not?

I half hope the visit goes ahead, because I don’t think he, or she, will have a minute’s sleep when he arrives.
They should think seriously why God put them on earth, and the hours awake gives them this space.
The downside is that unfortunately neither will the Queen sleep, but I’m sure she is quite phlegmatic about these kind of inconveniences.
Dennis Skinner articulated why Trump shouldn’t be given the right to parade the racist diatribe he has got away with so far.
Boris Johnson pathetically tried to minimise  the effect of Skinner’s response. What a public school twerp!

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Now 70, I'm getting back into website development and brand protection, as well as showcasing the delightful artistic talents of my beautiful wife Lynne. My projection will encompass a lifetime of database marketing, as well as the Christian democratic socialist ideals of my wife and I.

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