That’s Yer Allotment!

Ex England manager Graham Taylor today died of a heart attack.
That “intellectual” rag, (THE SUN) “newspaper” published a hatchet job on England manager Graham Taylor in November 1993. 

It wasn’t the first time Rupert Murdoch’s cancerous business had played fast and loose with truth in football. 

In 1989, following the tragic Hillsborough disaster it ran a front page story blaming “thieving Liverpool scum” for causing havoc. As a result of these lies even now you find it difficult to buy a copy of THE SUN in Liverpool.

The SUN nicknamed Taylor a root vegetable after a 2-1 defeat against Sweden, when it ran the headline “Swedes 2 Turnips 1” Ho ho! 
Disrespect invites disrespect.

Graham, in comparison with THE SUN you were a rocket man. You improved a backstreet football club, Watford, to the first division, and won the FA Cup against one of England’s best clubs. 
My connection is less tenuous.
My best friend is a Watford fan.
And as a student social secretary I promoted one time Watford chairman Elton John. 

I’d first discovered Elton in a record shop on 42nd Street NYNY in the summer of 1970.
Elton loved Watford FC, and saw Graham Taylor as a brother. He cried when he learned of Graham’s death.

Your Song was the first love of mine and of millions of Elton’s fans.
“My gift is my song” sang Elton.

And your gift, Graham, was an ability to transform the ordinary to cup-winners.

See the adjacent video of Graham Taylor, a masterful communicator and top rate football manager.

The art of communicating honestly is probably the most vital in the whole wide world. 

Thank you Graham for confirming this truth. 

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