Ealing Vicarage Rape victim dies

Ealing vicarage rape victim Jill Saward has died aged 51.
The vicar’s daughter – who became the first rape victim to waive her anonymity to speak about a sexual assault – was 21 when she was attacked in at her home in 1986, while her father and boyfriend were tied up.
The attack had widespread attention both for its brutality and for a comment in the trial when the  judge Mr Justice Leonard said the trauma suffered by her “had not been so great”.
She went on to write a book about the attack, which came to be known as the Ealing Vicarage Rape, and campaign on issues including sexual violence and violence against women.
One of her recent battles was against a proposal to give people accused of rape anonymity until they are convicted, saying this implied victims were lying.
Jill was not allowed to know the name of her rapist until the day of the court hearing.
She said that the shock of learning the name in court distracted her from concentrating on the evidence she had to give.
Jill Saward, born in Liverpool in 1965, once wrote she had no issues with being “tagged” as a rape victim, adding: “I make no complaint about this tag as it has enabled me to challenge politicians and work for change.”
But what a society we live in that sexual abuse is treated so lightly.
At the time I lived only a few miles from the scene of the crime, and recall as I traversed the North Circular each day just what an ordeal it must have been.
God bless you, Jill, for the work you put into exposing the sexist society we live in.

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