Sexuality in Politics

In 2013 Margaret Thatcher died in the Ritz
At the time I had a contract ½ mile away on The Strand, and after work I walked 100 yards to Charing Cross station on the first leg of my return to the hotel.
As I did I heard an Evening Standard newspaper vendor holler “Read all about it – Iron Lady dead”, 
I responded “she should have died 40 years ago”.

In the previous 40 years UK Prime Minister Thatcher made waves around the world, from stopping free school milk to primary school children and making a wasteland of England’s industrial north in the early 1970’s to ordering the sinking of the Belgrano, an Argentine cruiser, killing 323 sailors in 1982. 
Early onset dementia?
Narcissistic personality disorder?
Or just plain nasty?
A convincing case can be made for each.

She was a disaster as prime minister, who played the “compassionate, gentle and alluring woman” card whenever useful.

To many she was a star – a woman who succeeded in a man’s world.
Women alone can successfully play this ridiculous trump card, which sometimes confounds common sense.

Most women ignore it, but others have done it throughout history, from Eve, to Marie Antoinette, to Christine Keeler.

The current Tory leadership contest was no different.
Candidate Andrea Leadsom kicked off her campaign by differentiating her qualities from those of her adversary because her own body gave birth to children.
Her adversary, Theresa May’s body couldn’t!

Only a few hours later Andrea threw in the towel (undoubtedly because PR stats showed that such a bloody awful own goal would be terminal).

So Mrs May will become PM within days.

Within hours the leading opposition party, Labour, had its own crisis involving women,

This time it was Angela Eagle whose rallying call was “It’s time Labour had a woman leader”
My word. 
Forget the policies, let’s talk dirty!
Do you mean wou’d want a woman leader like Thatcher?

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