Look Behind You!

BGT failures Gove, Leadsom,Crabb, May, and Gove

The winner of the current Tory party leadership contest (candidates in the first round ballot are pictured opposite) is unlikely to be as well received at the Royal Variety Performance on December 6th as the winner of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent competition, Lance Corporal Richard Jones (see YouTube below).

Since his hatchet job on partner Boris  Johnson I read that a special place has now been reserved in hell for Michael Gove (left), possibly arranged by Christian candidate Stephen Crabb (centre), who is linked with a group that claims to control natural sexual instincts.

This led Theresa May (inside right) as the  frontrunner, and Andrea Leadsom, to book appointments with the same groomer that turned Thatcher from the shrill housewife she used to sound like to the calm and seductive PM in waiting she morphed into, lying back and thinking of England. 

Isn’t this is racy?
Yes, beyond belief!
Oh no it’s not.
(Oh yes it is!) 
The Pantomime season may not begin until after Christmas but the current Tory leadership election could provide many of its jokes.
Michael Gove (the villain) manipulated Boris (the comic buffoon) out of the running.
But no he didn’t.
(Oh yes he did!)

Stephen Crabb (self proclaimed Christian and  good fairy) has now withdrawn from the leadership election because the ability he claimed to effect changes in sexual orientation were found wanting, and Dr Fox, a serial loser in Conservative leadership elections (he was the MP who had to pay the most expenses back (£22,500) in the scandal earlier of 2009, came last.

Which leaves the two pantomime dames, Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom, who both presumably went to the same grooming salon (at the same time – it’s cheaper that way) that turned Thatcher from the shrill housewife she sounded like to the calm and seductive PM in waiting she morphed into.

The video below shows the immense talent, that mother Theresa will be up against if she wins the play off against her grooming salon partner..

So let’s hear it for Lance Corporal Richard Jones

His act is as unbelievable as if he’d turned water into wine.

That is what mother Theresa would have liked to have done.


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