Growing up

Some never grow up

There are babies, children and then most of us then become adults.
But it doesn’t end there, for if we live long enough our minds eventually become less focussed. Some quicker than others. 

The timing of the transition from one stage to the next is very individual.
Some happily embrace change. Others find it difficult to move on, and like Peter Pan they never grow up.
Michael Jackson died in 2009 in his “Neverland Ranch”, named in honour of Peter Pan’s fictional home.

So why did the wonderful weekend Lynne and I spent in London a week ago with our children remind me of the Peter Pan fantasy?

Alex propping up the
Ninth Wardbar

Jonathan and Alice had bankrolled our transport, Edward hosted the event at his classy bar, Ninth Ward, close to St Paul’s, and Danila provided airb&b service at no charge.

Livvy and Emma, two beautiful
friends at the Ninth Ward, EC1

We met some beautiful new faces: from Emma, who took a prize for her love of animals (including Edward) to Athena Grace, who like all babies is innocence personified. Interestingly according to Clemmie, Athena was born a toddler, so perhaps she’ll have less difficulty in moving on quickly!

Emma and Athena are new to my photo album and I publish snaps of their breathtaking beauty.

Two more beautiful
dolls, my wife holds
the amazing
Athena Grace

Over last weekend I also re-bonded with many old friends, from north Londoners Willy and Alex to the Addison boys, to talented niece Livvy, and from John and Kathy (who I first met 35 years ago) to Danila (who I’ve known, married and had children with over the past 45 years).

A pleasure to relieve oneself in such
classy urinals at the Ninth Ward

I was asked at the event by son Edward to make sure I met his Grandmother soon, as “we are all getting older”.
Indeed, none of us are getting younger.

In view of this how unfortunate that Lynne and I weren’t invited to a dinner of Jonathan and Alice’s close relatives, including Edward’s grandmother on the night we arrived in London.

Lady of the night at
Ninth Ward, EC1

It’s time to embrace each other when such occasions arise.
Chuck out prejudice, for to live with such discrimination belittles the discriminator.

We have another opportunity to move on at Christmas.

Let’s all try and mature by then!
Peter Pan was a fairy story, and in the real world we must all, even the amazing Athena Grace, grow up.

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Now 70, I'm getting back into website development and brand protection, as well as showcasing the delightful artistic talents of my beautiful wife Lynne. My projection will encompass a lifetime of database marketing, as well as the Christian democratic socialist ideals of my wife and I.

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