May we become leader?

Unflattering but recognisable cartoon
 of  stressed vicar’s daughter Theresa May

Theresa May made a speech at the Conservative Party conference this week designed to launch her candidacy for the Tory Party leadership.
Unfortunately she picked the wrong speech.

It was savaged by the Daily Telegraph, for many years an articulate rag of Tory propaganda (if such a beast could really draw breath). 
Its editorial made patently clear that they support George Osborne, son of millionaire owner of wallpaper manufacturer Osborne and Little
Good for parental loyalty
But uncomfortable for the vicar’s daughter.

I too feel uncomfortable because my delightful cat is also called George. Ditched by his owners at a nearby roundabout we got George from the local RSPCA that rescued him, and brought him to our home, now his.

He’s a delightful creature who habitually scratches covers off armchairs. 
But we live with this habit, as I’m sure Mrs Osborne lives with her George’s anti-social tendancies.

We forgive our George’s habits.
Whether anyone could forgive the economic gaffes of someone who learned his economics folding paper napkins at Selfridges is another matter.

So May we be leader?

I suppose after her mentor stuck his penis in a dead pig’s mouth, and since his close colleague at Oxford’s “Bollinger club”, George Osborne, did the same, anything is possible.

But disgraceful, all of it.

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