David Cameron and pigs

So Eric Ashcroft (now Lord Ashcroft) has stuck his boot into our PM, revealing that David Cameron stuck his genitalia into the mouth of a pig as part of an initiation ceremony at Oxford University,

A double exposure.

I admit that this kind of sophistication was beyond those of us at Polytechnics, and beyond those who finished their formal  education upon leaving school.

I’ve known pigs for many years, for my father in law (RIP) kept a few boars, scores of sows, and thousands of piglets.

So how can you defend someone who has so little respect for an animal?

I think only by pointing to the accuser, who worked his way “up” from lavatory cleaner to billionaire,
And because he made substantial donations to the Tory party he was made a Lord.

But because he was refused a top job in the Cabinet he decided to reveal David’s indiscretions.

David is possibly a pervert, but I want to concentrate on the vile perversion of Eric Ashcroft, a self made billionaire, who was distraught that his money didn’t buy him influence.

That kind of logic makes you a “pig” Eric.

Rather reflect on my hero’s words, Aneurin Bevan, who correctly thought of people like you as vermin.

Is Corbyn the anti-Christ? 
Is he a laughing stock?
Or is he a man who wants the best for the all (not just a few) of us?

I read today a commentary beginning “Rarely have my sides rocked as hard as they have these past seven days, when a peace-loving, bike-riding, elderly man got promoted at work and unleashed a wave of panic not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

It referred to Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour Party.

Meanwhile the right-wing media denounced this teetotal, veggie killjoy for taking his supporters to a bar and singing The Red Flag.

They criticized him for not wearing a tie, and when he put one on for a Battle of Britain memorial service they blasted for having trousers which clashed with his jacket!

They crucified him for being a republican, and slaughtered him for not singing God save the Queen. 
They labelled him a  socialist hypocrite for accepting his pay rise without mentioning that he claimed a mere £8.75 in expenses last year. Is it acceptable to rip employers off on expenses? Presumably for the right wing journalists it’s fine and dandy. Every politician bar him claimed mucho mucho more from the public purse expenses budget.

But it was the hysteria from Labour MP’s that really made me sick. 

Like Simon Danczuk and David Blunket who delivered poisoned pieces on their new party leader to the Mail on Sunday hours after his election.
Blunket wrote an apocalyptic piece entitled “Now wait for Labour’s thugs to march again”. 
He’s a fellow Sheffield Wednesday supporter, but like many Wednesday pundits he got it wrong.

Danczuk has been on our screens all week painting Corbyn as the anti-Christ, penned the least self-aware piece for years in which he claimed his new leader was a laughing stock.

He’s spent this summer fighting a high-profile spat with his cleavage-obsessed selfie-posting wife, which made him look like a self-pitying clown. 

That he labels Jeremy a laughing stock is hilarious.

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