The community must pay

The reason for the NHS

It’s difficult to have principles when you’re under a spotlight, as Jeremy Corbyn now is.
Not singing the National Anthem at a war veterans event will have hurt some, but the Queen isn’t one of them. 

I’ve watched many England footballers when “God Save the Queen” is sung close their eyes so they can concentrate on the gravity of the task ahead.
Should they instead have mouthed an oath to the monarchy?

Get real.

Singing the National Anthem can be a bit of a pantomime. If you don’t believe me look at this from of the Proms last night
Do you think this video is serious? If so, don’t count on the Queen agreeing!

Corbyn correctly and reverentially remembered troops killed to preserve our freedoms.

In future he’ll focus his spotlight on the poor, the oppressed, the disadvantaged, and their defenders.

I also read that the Jeremy Corbyn era began with the Labour leader appointing one of the country’s most radical MPs, John McDonnell, as shadow chancellor.

I don’t know John McDonnell, but he has some way to go to top the extremism of Margaret Thatcher.

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