Power Dressing?

George Osborne, Boris Johnson and David Cameron
in their Bullingdon club finery

There are many costumes which leave you in no doubt where the wearer sits in the pecking order.
The obvious example is a judge’s wig, or a bishop’s mitre, but no less of a tell tale is the uniform of the Bullingdon club, a secret male only student society at Oxford University, open only by invitation to the sons of the very rich (the “high” fashion they are decked out in costs £1,200 per outfit), which specialises in vandalising hotels in which they hold club dinners.

Teddy Boys, Mods n Rockers and skinheads also allowed their wardrobe to proclaim where they stood. But what differentiates the activities of the Bullingdon club from thugs who have been given an ASBO is that at the end of each riot members of this secret society opened their cheque book and pay for the damage!

What kind of finishing school is this for those destined to become the most powerful men in the UK?

And how on earth can they claim to be in touch with the overwhelming majority of people in this country, for whom owning a £1,200 suit is the stuff that dreams are made of.

During his recent US trip Cameron (Eton, £28,851 per year) acknowledged the leading role of the US to World War Two in 1940, and that the UK was a junior partner.

Very odd, since the US didn’t even join the war effort until November of 1941. So much for his Eton and Oxford education – perhaps he was spending too much time knocking back the Bollinger or smashing up high class dining rooms?.

But if Cameron is a bit of a concern, on the plus side he’s a real class act compared with his Chancellor George (Oik) Osborne, millionaire son of millionaire owner of Osborne and Little, riches achieved without doing a single day’s work  (other than folding towels for Selfridges), and educated at St Paul’s (£25,773 per year).

Where did he Oik get his epithet from? According to the Daily Mail, “during his time in the Bullingdon Club, he was reportedly nicknamed ‘Oik’ because he had gone to St Paul’s public school instead of Eton or Harrow. A popular lark among his fellow Buller men was to hold him upside-down by the ankles and scream: ‘Who are you?’

After several ‘wrong’ answers, each followed by Mr Osborne being dropped on his head, he was finally released after squealing: ‘I am a despicable ****.’

They probably have a good time in the privacy of their own company, but having just looked at the dreadful state after the earthquake in Nepal, killing more than 1,000  I suspect these guy’s are unable to see a bigger picture.

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