Arrivederci Inghilterra?

Will tears be the only souvenirs England get?

Is it all over for England?
This coming thursday night’s match with Uruguay could be the last meaningful match that Roy Hodgson’s men play in this year’s world cup.

On a positive note England were excellent against the azzurri (the boys in blue), and didn’t deserve to lose. Surely they can’t miss as many goal scoring chances again. 

And realistically Uruguay is a small country with a population not much bigger than that of Wales. Surely the chances of them producing a lot of talented internationals is therefore slim.

On the other hand there was a time when Wales were world beaters (albeit with an oval ball), and Uruguay have in Suarez a class striker who ironically plays club football alongside England’s captain, Stevie Gerrard. Remember also that George Best, arguably the world’s finest ever player, came from a tiny country, and his existence never took Northern Ireland to the World Cup finals. One player doesn’t make a team. 

So what is there to fear but fear itself as Franklin D Roosevelt eloquently put it in 1932, anticipating the coming world depression.

Because of FDR’s analysis the US came out of the depression confidently;

Can England take a cool look at the current points tally and do the same?

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