Do Tesco con customers?

Should we shop elsewhere? Perhaps we should
Dear Store Manager
By and large I love the staff at Tesco Accrington.
From the café to the Pharmacy, from fresh meat to the electrical departments and on to the check out, I am on first name terms with many of your colleagues. Increasingly Tesco has become the only place to shop, but I hear all the time that as a consequence it .
In return for their friendliness my wife and I spend a good deal of our household budget with Tesco in the 120 visits we have made since 20 July 2013.
Since the third week in July my records show me to have spent £4,165.34 at Tesco, £2,740.14 of it at Accrington.

But I was sad when I left the Accrington store yesterday at about 11 a.m.

Earlier in the week I had been reassured by a cheery member of your customer services team, who I often see at reception and invariably greet (blonde haired girl, probably in her 20’s) , that although I’d left my current “£5 off for a £40 shop” vouchers at home (I’d collected 4 such vouchers in the previous week), as long as I presented it together with my receipt for a +£40 shop to customer services before its expiry date it would be redeemed.
As we entered Tesco Accrington on Saturday I suddenly remembered that the coupons were still at home, so I left my wife to fill the trolley as I drove home to Baxenden for a voucher. However, when I returned and presented it to customer services a different colleague (in her 50’s?) told me that her younger colleague was wrong and for confirmation she rang the duty store manager, announcing to me while she was on the phone that her younger colleague would be retrained (!) and that how did she know that I hadn’t found the voucher on the floor outside (!!) because a Helping Hand voucher can only be redeemed at the time of the £40 transaction. Once you go out of the store, the opportunity is lost.
What a drama!
She said she was sorry, followed by “…but”
I become weary of apologies which are immediately followed by an excuse.
Bad form, Mr Tesco
As a retired retail marketer I tell you three things:

1.    You don’t ask your staff to imply that customers are dishonest  ( “how do I know you haven’t found…?“)
2.    You don’t allow your staff to talk openly to customers about the need to “retrain” colleagues. It’s It’s demeaning to the subject of their gossip. 
3.    When one of your staff promises something to a customer at a cost of £5, even if they are wrong you still deliver. Customer retention is more important than a piddling £5 note.

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