Is it fair play to cheat?

My very good friend Barry is an avid Sunderland fan. Last weekend Sunderland defender Wes Brown was sent off following a tackle, although the TV replay showed he won the ball fairly. 

After the sending off the injured opponent stood up and continued to play. 
Barry was furious at the dishonesty.
Yesterday I watched the final day of the first Ashes test played in Sydney, Australia.

As I explained on yesterday’s blog the bullying behaviour of the Australian fielders was difficult to understand. One idiot stood a few feet from the England batsman and throughout the match gave him earache about his ability. Macho banter, or bullying?

Today Jonathan Trott, one of the victims of this verbal diarrhea, flew home with a stress related illness.

Is this a way to win matches?

Authorities in every sport need to come down hard on “sportsmen” who think it fair play to cheat. 

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