May Day, happy days

Summer is with us, I think.
All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey” 
(or gray, depending on which side of the Atlantic you were born). Probably not the best colours for summer

The song continues...I stepped into a church I found along the way, 
 I got down on my knees and I began to pray… 
you know the preacher likes the cold he knows I’m gonna stay 

These are Evocative words from California Dreaming.

Today in the UK it’s warm enough to sit outside in a short sleeve shirt. This is good news after the sleet and snow of the past couple of months.

May day is of course now a public holiday in the UK. 
Its origins are  Socialist for some, and Christian for others.

Published by Rob

Now 70, I'm getting back into website development and brand protection, as well as showcasing the delightful artistic talents of my beautiful wife Lynne. My projection will encompass a lifetime of database marketing, as well as the Christian democratic socialist ideals of my wife and I.

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