Sensationalism! Be proportionate

Look at today’s press and TV and you are swamped with stories of (alleged) dirty old celebrities (William Roache, Rolf Harris, and Stuart Hall) abusing children.

Abuse by the rich and powerful of the poor and weak is not a new phenomena – it’s been going on since we lived in caves!
And we should be very grateful to the  press for exposing it. Without them we wouldn’t even have  known. 

But lets not kid ourselves.  – the media have a different priority when it comes to exposing wrongs – and that priority is to achieve bigger audience figures than their competitors.

Today is local elections day – when we vote for politicians who will run our communities. 

And some of the candidates are not simply dirty old celebrities, but quite dirty, evil people, some of whom are members of UKIP.

Robert Kilroy-Silk (UKIP MEP since 2004) wrote in the Daily Express: “They. [ Muslims] are backward and evil and if it is racist to say so… then racist I must be”

And Philip Rose, a council candidate for UKIP says that gay sex is ‘sordid frightfulness’.

It is these kind of horrific statements that we should be reminded of in the press and TV. They, much more than the pathetic crimes of Hall, Roache and Harris. 

And yet we are asked to pillory Ken Barlow!

Red tops: Get your coverage in proportion.

Published by Rob

Now 70, I'm getting back into website development and brand protection, as well as showcasing the delightful artistic talents of my beautiful wife Lynne. My projection will encompass a lifetime of database marketing, as well as the Christian democratic socialist ideals of my wife and I.

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