Is biting people normal?

Suarez, an overpaid Liverpool attacker bit an overpaid Chelsea defender as the two tussled in the penalty area during a 2-2 draw last  Sunday. In defense (?)  Suarez claimed that “Where I come from, it is common for people to bite one another in a jovial manner”. He’s known in his native Uruguay as ‘el lunático que muerde todo’, or ‘The Nutjob Who’s Always Biting People’. “When people see me sinking my teeth into Ivanovic’s arm in a blind, lunatic rage, they naturally jump to conclusions,” Suarez continued. “But I meant no offence. It was a comical nibble; a wink with my jaws. 

“Anyway, he was holding me with his fingers, which everyone knows are the teeth of the hands, so really he started it.”
Critics claim that Suarez should have been aware that biting an opponent is not acceptable. While playing for Ajax, the 26-year old was sent off for eating an opponent’s arm, something he claimed at the time was “akin to putting your thumb on your nose and waggling your fingers in Holland.”
This is not how the role models for our children and grandchildren should behave. No?

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