We’re all in it together…aren’t we?

Is the sacrifice the same for all?  

The team I support, Sheffield Wednesday,  are currently in the relegation zone, and the manager is saying that all of us, players, staff, and supporters have to stick together and fight our way out of the mess. 
“We’re all in it together” he broadcast yesterday.
We’ve lost again on Saturday, at home to another struggling team!

It’s logical, at the end of the day, that the spirit of togetherness can make the difference between staying up and being relegated. Of winning or losing. 
This harks back to the spirit displayed at Dunkirk, the turning point in this nation’s fight against an advancing darkness. We defeated the Nazis in part because of this team spirit, a willingness of individuals to sacrifice for the good of the community..

In a similar vein, the Chancellor, George Osborne is advocating  that since the UK is an economic mess, we should (every one of us) sacrifice for the good of the nation. 
Regular readers of this blog you will remember Osborne as “Oink” from an earlier blog, who learned his economics as treasurer of the Bollinger club, the drinking society for Oxford University’s toffs.

So while the wealthy may have to forgo their third holiday of their year, those who rely on charity handouts to get by, will have to do without margarine on their toast, and without fuel in their  fireplace. I like Osborne’s even handed approach.

It’s reasonably straight forward to stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow football fans and together keep faith with the team you love. 
But it’s not such a no-brainer when George Osborne asks everyone to stand together to save Britain’s collapsing economy. 

I remember being in the US during the anti Vietnam war protests of the early 1970’s, a similar schism. Protesters there argued “Are we really all in it together ?”, and “What we  fighting for?” 
Country Joe MacDonald sang an invective satire at the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969, representing the growing number of Americans who were (correctly) opposing the Vietnam war.  
I copy the video here, and the words of the chorus below:

It’s 123 What are you fighting for?
Don’t matter and I don’t give a damn
Next stop is Vietnam
And it’s 567 open up the pearly gates
Ain’t no time to wonder why
Whoppee we’re all gonna die

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