Does eon give cheaper energy?

 I talked with my energy provider, eon, yesterday, about a lovely “smart meter” they had provided me with which shows just how expensive it is to boil the kettle. It ended with them saying that I could now be on a better tariff than I was already on, and would I like to take advantage of it?

Terrific, but why hadn’t they already put me on this tarriff?
For energy isn’t created by eon, nor any other “energy provider”. They are just the selling mechanism to get us (the consumers) to buy what we need.

So also thought an advisor to David Cameron when the PM announced that he will be legislating to force energy companies to give consumers their cheapest tariff. Good old advisor. 
Unfortunately this idea has since been countermanded as a slip of the tongue!

I remember working for Rumbelows, a high street electrical chain in the 1980’s. They, along with Radio Rentals, DER, and a few other smaller chains comprised the fleet of rental shops servicing at its height supplied a third of all TV’s rented in the UK. The profitability of this business depended on customer lethargy as increasingly (as TV’s were getting cheaper and more reliable) the reason for renting a TV set rather than buying one held less and less water. 

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the time, and just as the logic    

for renting a TV set was doomed to fail, so too the logic of having an electricity or gas account with on anything other than the lowest tariff will inevitably become a thing of the past. 

The situation is compounded by the growing threat that power station companies may pull out of the UK due to delays, creating the possibility of blackout within three years if action is not taken.
Why don’t you all pull together for UK consumers?

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