Two love birds RIP

Until a few years ago we kept geese named Charles and Camilla. Many’s the night that after serving them their evening meal I’d squat with them in a dark shed and put the world to rights.

Do you know that geese can easily live 30 years or more?

One day we woke up to find Camilla spread-eagled by the shed. She’d given up the ghost.
The next few weeks were sad, until one morning I found Charles dead in the shed.  Unlike humans, geese mate for life. Charles had had enough without his life long mate.
He’d died of a broken heart.

Last Monday Lynne and I attended the funeral of Ian Lord. We’d previously mourned his beautiful wife Joyce, who died last September. This service was special, but more than anything I will remember fellow chorister Denis Black, singing acapello: 

May the choirs of angels
Come to greet you.
May they speed you to paradise.
May the Lord enfold you
in his mercy.
May you find eternal life.

The lord is my light and my help;
it is he who protects me from harm.
The Lord is the strength for my days;
before whom should I tremble with fear?

There is one thing I ask fo the Lord;
that he grant me my heartfelt desire.
To dwell in the courts of our God
ev’ry day of my life in his presence.

O Lord, hear my voice when I cry;
have mercy on me and give answer.
Do not cast me away in you anger, for you are the God of my help.

I am sure I shall see the Lord’s goodness;
I shall dwell in the land of the living.
Hope in God, stand firm and take heart,
place all your trust in the Lord

RIP Joyce and Ian 

Like our beautiful geese Ian and Joyce had a love that was inspirational, uncomplicated, and divine:

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