Thatcher’s grandchildren

Hi Jonathan and Alice
Give my regards to the Irish you meet tonight in down-town Manhattan. 
Tell them that my wife was born on March 17… it should ensure that you are given a free pint of Guinness, as it does her on every birthday. The most memorable couple of pints we ever tasted were for breakfast on the balcony of a hotel overlooking St Stephen’s Green, watching the St Patricks Day parade. 
In that parade there were more Irish-American  marching bands than you could wave a baton (or mace) at – most probably some were from down-town Manhattan. God Bless last!

Many years ago Alabama born deaf-blind Helen Keller wrote that Happiness is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. 

Lynne and I have just watched “The Iron Lady”, an brilliant movie, where Margaret Thatcher (excellently portrayed by Meryl Streep) articulates her “worthy purpose” as “what’s in it for me”.
So, for her self-gratification and a worthy purpose were axiomatic…that was Mrs Thatcher in her prime. She knew the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

I lived through Thatcher’s reign, when free school milk was sensationally “snatched” from primary schoolchildren, and when mining communities were devastated in a  war she waged against the working classand their families.
The individual, rather than the community, was all important.
Don’t ask me what virtue there was in her domestic policies – I’d rather throw up.
And don’t ask Lynne how she felt when Thatcher pulled the trigger which sank a retreating Argentinian war ship – the Belgrano – for Lynne wept at the news that hundreds of Argentinian sailors had drowned.

As long as the world sees the individual as more important than the community we will all continue to go down the plug hole.

But if the Irish beat World champions Spain then quite possibly we will begin to reverse the trend. Come on Trapattoni, you green devil.

More importantly, keep faith with a worthy purpose, my children. 
You won’t find happiness without one.
OOOh Trapattoni
He used to be Italian but he’s Irish now.

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