Posh boy’s maths: 2+2=3?

George “Oink” Osborne
Chancellor of the Exchequer
I have a cat named George, and honestly think he could do a better job of running the economy than the current Chancellor, George Osborne with one paw tied behind his back.

I don’t criticize this heir to a wallpaper multi-millionaire for his crazy time as a student, for we all go a little off the rails in our teens, but what I blame him for is never having learned the first thing about economics.

When a country goes into recession you don’t cut back on public expenditure in order to “balance the books”, because if you do you starve the country of money, the lubricant needed get the economy running again.

George should have picked this up when reading his in his first economics text book, rather than dressing up as a penguin and lubricating his neck with endless bottles of Bollinger at his University drinking club. 

“Lubricating the economy” was seen as absolutely vital to the Keynsian economists in the 1930’s, which saw the world escape from the great depression. So what does Oink do when we go into recession?

He cuts government expenditure, which in turn sends us into another recession, now called a double dip recession. If you’ve got the wealth to sit out this recession you will be able to get through the bad times, and eventually the economic cycle will improve.

George Osborne’s father has just bought a desk costing £19,000, demonstrating that the Osborne family certainly do have enough stashed away to endure the austerity that Oink is condemning the rest of us to.
Well done, Posh boy.

How on earth was the country conned into voting for such Posh boys?

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