Who’s the Wally with the Lolly?

So Fabio Capello is no more. Deceased. Arrivederci. 

He’s now 6 million pounds richer, though we were given to understand that money is not  important to Fabio and that he was only after retirement pin money when he signed a multi million pound contract with the English FA in 2007.
To his credit Capello took us to the 2010 World Cup tournament in South Africa with some style (admittedly drawn in a group of no-hopers) , but alas the tournament was a disaster for England , particularly since we were trounced by Germany in the knockout stages. 
In 1966, the zenith of our football dreams, we beat West Germany in the World Cup final thanks to a “goal” that didn’t cross the line, and 44 years later England were beaten by a German team despite being denied a goal that was well over the line.

Nothing changes. The truth is again denied by poor refereeing!

The competition raised serious questions about how the Premier league (with on average 13 foreign born stars per club) is organised vis-à-vis the England national team – questions that have been raised both in Armstrong’s World and in tap rooms the length and breadth of the country. 

Two decades ago, the teams making up this year’s Premier League could only boast 12 players born outside the Commonwealth between them. 

Twenty years later, more than half of the Premier League’s clubs could field an entire starting line-up of foreign-born players.

So was Signor Capello a good choice? I think not. He doesn’t think in the English language, and has been reared in the Italian culture. His football brain meant that he could communicate with his players, but that’s only part of the job. He also needed to be able to communicate his vision to the fans, and this can only be done via the national media. The challenge in this set-up is that the majority of media owners thrive on creating drama, regardless of whose parade they rain upon.

It’s highly probable that Fabio’s inability to articulate an acceptable take on racism and his failure to adequately punish the sexual shenanigans of his stars eventually led to his resignation.

This isn’t surprising, when you look at the highly racist Italian society, where white northerners look down on the darker Sicilians, and where not so long ago Juventus fans had banners proclaiming “A negro cannot be Italian”! 
Nor when you look at the typical Italian male’s tolerance of the “bunga bunga” lifestyle of Italian President Silvio Berlusconi.
Really, David Cameron wouldn’t even know what bunga bunga was. Even Boris Johnson had only read about it after lights out.

Looking at the most likely replacement, whether Harry Redknap can speak English is a matter for debate, and his recent court appearances, when he openly admitted that he couldn’t type, fax or email may weigh against him. But that Harry can get the message across successfully is beyond doubt.

But as we say “Arrivederci” to Fabio, it has to be a concern that we may be giving a golden opportunity to loveable ‘Arry to devise even bigger money making schemes worth a lorramoney, and hence redefine the meaning of the phrase “bunga bunga”. 

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