You play, you try, you lose, you cry. But life goes on

1990: Gazza realizes he won’t win the World Cup 

Gazza cries here as he realizes that he’ll not win a 1990 World Cup winner’s medal.  Sport is predicated on a desire to win, but you’d better get used to it when you don’t. Somebody has to come second, and no matter how much losing hurts life doesn’t stop.
It’s rare that a football fixture list goes entirely to form, and this afternoon was no exception, as relegation threatened Bolton beat top 4 candidates Liverpool 3-1. It happens, and praise God, it always will. Hooray for the underdogs.
It’s therefore a little more than sad when I read my twitter mail and hear of Liverpool supporters either very angry at the “disgrace”, or at death’s door (depression entrance).
I’m a Sheffield Wednesday supporter, and today in Division One (the old 3rd Division!) we could only draw against Hartlepool, the traditional whipping boys of the the rest of the football league. Upsetting, yes, but not heart-breaking. I won’t be shedding any tears.

Mrs T cries as she realizes she won’t be PM  

Which reminds me of another photograph from the same year,1990, of Mrs Thatcher as she realizes that the game is up and that as she has lost the confidence of many MP’s she has to leave 10 Downing Street, for good. 

Thankfully I learned many years ago that life goes on and that crying doesn’t help – it has its place, but it’s not on television in front of millions of viewers – you only draw attention to your own failure, to the fact that you buggered it up.

Of course, you could say that you should never expect a cry-baby to do what’s properly a man’s work.

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