If you meet the Black Panther in heaven what do you say?

What he wore to terrorize his victims 

A couple of weeks ago Donald Neilson died in prison of pneumonia, aged 75. Neilson was nicknamed The Black Panther by the press because his commando style dress code echoed the photo shoots of the US black panthers. He was considered so dangerous that he spent the last 36 years of his life behind bars, latterly in Norwich prison.
An unsuccessful small time career burglar, Neilson turned his hand to post office burglary and murdered sub postmasters who  got in his way!

Lesley Whittle – heiress
Donald Neilson – murderer

But neither was Neilson very good at this line of work, leaving in his incompetent wake a trail of broken families – so he turned to kidnapping, and in 1975 Neilson savagely murdered teenage heiress Lesley Whitttle, a heinous crime which led to his capture and conviction.

Derek Astin – popular sub postmaster
Along this bloodied path one of his victims was sub post master Derek Astin, who lived and worked just half a mile from where we now live. Derek had turned the sub post office – next to our local church and primary school, into the hub of the village.
On many term time weekdays Lynne would use the local sub post office, as she took daughter Carolyn to school. After daughter number two (Claire) came along she’d regularly stop at the sub post office to allow Derek a peek at the baby.
But one day on the short journey to school Lynne was told that Derek had been shot by a burglar. And upon arriving at school she found teachers in tears, who told her that Derek had by now died of his wounds.

Neilson caused such a mess, and such misery. So what would you say if you met him in heaven?

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